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Concrete Conveyor Truck

This vehicle can place concrete of nearly any thickness, allowing for a wide range of mix designs.  It uses an extendable conveyor belt to place concrete up to 52 feet total extension, and upwards to a 2nd story floor.

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Concrete Placement Truck

This Vehicle uses hard line hoses to move product uphill, around corners, down slim sideyards, and across unstable land.  It can move 8 yards of concrete in just 10 minutes!


Concrete Pump Truck
(Coming Soon)

This vehicle uses an unfoldable boom to place concrete great distances from the delivery point.  This allows for 2nd, 3rd, and sometimes 4th floor operations with no extra equipment

All of our placement products will make your job, big or small, easier.  Your jobs will require less personnel, take less time, and eliminate the need to manhandle wheel barrows.  Include the ability to not park heavy equipment on unstable ground and you'll find your saftey crew will be a lot less sweaty.  Thanks for calling us to handle these needs.  May you have a safe and productive day!

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